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School Board Redistricting 2023

Posted Date: 12/08/2023

Did you know that our school board is required to go through the redistricting process after the U.S. Census is completed?

This routine practice occurs every ten years to ensure that our school district accurately reflects the changing demographics of our community. The redistricting process involves reviewing and adjusting the boundaries of voting districts to maintain fairness and equal representation. It's like taking a fresh look at the map to make sure everyone's voice counts, and no area is left underrepresented or overrepresented.

We encourage you to stay informed and participate in the process to help shape the future of our educational governance system. Your input is valuable, and together we can contribute to a more equitable and responsive school district. 

At the regular board meeting on Tuesday, December 12th, the RISD Board of Trustees will be discussing the redistricting drafts presented by Sara Leon of Leon Alcala Attorneys. Sara is an expert in this area and has served as counsel to many public school districts in regard to Voting Rights Act matters and redistricting. Public input and understanding of this process is important in this process.

Please review the two redistricting drafts and other data on the "2023 Redistricting" section of the website. If you have any questions or concerns, please attend the board meeting and fill out a public comment card in order to share with the board and Sara Leon.