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RISD Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

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      3. Click “Subscribe to Rocksprings ISD (069901)” in the blue box at the bottom left.
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  • Board Member Role District Current Term  Email
    Sondee Moreno Member 1 May 2022- May 2025
    Brady Hyde Member 2 May 2022- May 2025
    Paco Ramirez Member 3 May 2023- May 2026
    Garrett Grooms President 4 May 2021- May 2024
    Dawn Rudasill Secretary 5 May 2021- May 2024
    D’Andra Sifuentes Vice President 6 May 2022- May 2025
    Katy Shanklin Member 7 May 2023- May 2026


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    Board Members Continuing Education Report Page 2

    Board Members Continuing Education Report Page 3

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    School boards: Advocates for educational excellence

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    Every local school district is governed by a school board. These school board members (or trustees) are guardians of the public trust; they put the interests of their community's youth first. Through the policies they make, school board members are ultimately responsible for the success or failure of local public education.

    This is a difficult job; trustees face hard choices, self-sacrifice, and exposure to public criticism. However, it also brings a great deal of personal satisfaction in sharing with parents, staff, and students their academic successes. This crucial responsibility and the closeness of trustees to the voters make the local school board the purest example of democracy our society presents.

  • This page from the Texas Association of School Boards’ site states that the main function of the school board is to provide local, citizen governance and oversight of education. Though ultimate responsibility for education rests with the state, Texas has delegated much of the authority to local communities who elect their local school trustees to govern the school district.

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