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RISD Bond Election 2023

Posted Date: 04/10/2023

RISD Bond Election 2023


Bond Information

The RISD Bond Package that is being proposed in May of 2023 will include the following :

  1. The expansion of our current Auxiliary (Rubber) Gym to include spectator seating, new weight room, new locker rooms, new coach’s offices, and storage. 
  2. New renovations to the Auxiliary Gym include updated security, flooring, insulation, & A/C.
  3. The renovation to the current  Band Hall/Agricultural Facility will include updated security, new restrooms, and important equipment upgrades.

Bond Cost Information

  1. The proposed bonds in the amount not to exceed $11.55 million would add 10 cents to our current I&S rate of .0501 for RISD’s total of .1501.
    • For a homeowner with a house valued at $100,000.00, that would increase a homeowners I&S school taxes by approximately $100.00/yr.
    • Ag Exempt and Wildlife Exempt properties are valued by the State at $180/acre.  Therefore, on a 50 acre property with an exemption, the increase would roughly be $9.00/yr.
  2. The proposed bond would be on a 15-year bond.

Additional Project Information

  • Gym Expansion/Renovation

    • At this time, Rocksprings does not have an air conditioned Athletic Facility for our students.  The addition of air conditioning will facilitate the closing and locking of doors.
    • The installation of air conditioning will also reduce Rocksprings ISD students’ exposure to extreme weather.
    • By providing seating in the Auxiliary Gym, RISD will increase accessibility for our students and our community.
  • Band Hall/ Agricultural Facility Renovation will update our Band Hall and Agricultural Facility with modernized accessories and equipment.

Election Documents