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New Student Safety Procedure- Gilmer Memorial Library

Posted Date: 11/08/2022

New Student Safety Procedure- Gilmer Memorial Library

Notice to School and Community Patrons: 

Governor Abbott tasked TEA and the TxSSC (Texas School Safety Center) to plan collective actions that all schools should follow in order to improve the level of safety at Texas Public Schools. Within these safety actions, one of the access control procedures that must be included is to ensure doors are closed and locked. To monitor compliance with this directive, campus administration is required to conduct exterior door sweeps (ensuring all doors are closed and locked) at every instructional facility at least once each week while instruction is being conducted.

As part of the school campus, the Claud H. Gilmer Memorial Library will be changing our entrance and exit procedures to ensure that our doors remain locked during school hours when students are on campus. We are committed to implementing this measure to help ensure the safety of our students, and we are also committed to the continued ease-of-use for our public patrons. Please continue to come and utilize library resources and services. In no way are we discouraging public use during school hours. If you come between 8AM-4PM when school is in session, both front and back doors will be locked. Please let us know that are at the door by ringing the bell or calling the library at 830-683-8130. We will gladly let you in and be the first to greet you during your visit. When you leave, please ensure that the door closed behind you. A staff member will regularly check that the doors are locked throughout school hours. Please be patient as we work to improve the efficiency of our procedures. As always, we welcome your suggestions and/or feedback. Thank you for allowing us to serve our community and our RISD family through your continued patronage.



Kristen Satterfield

Library Director